Agency and Supply

We are sales agent and official distributor for a variety of highly respected Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) in the railway and telecommunication sectors, across the Indian subcontinent, Africa and UK. We open market opportunities and we deliver superior solutions that meet the customer needs in terms of quality and price. Through Marketing and Business Development activities we establish both a local footprint and brand awareness for the suppliers that we represent.

Our access to a global supply base, enables our team to source and supply specific railway products and solutions including signalling systems and products, rail maintenance systems and products, new and refurbished rolling stock (any gauge) and spare parts. Our source and supply service can be contracted on either an adhoc basis or for continuous supply.


We are the overseas sales agent for Altpro axle counters and level crossings in Sri Lanka.


We supply wayside condition monitoring solutions covering point machines, level crossings, signals and UPS systems, manufactured by Efftronics, India.


We are the international sales agents for IRZ a leader in the production of safety and communication systems for the railway sector. Railway solutions offered by IRZ in the field of safety, automatics, and diagnostics, have been successfully operated on rolling stock from more than 15 countries including Russia, CIS countries, Europe, as well as China and South Korea.

We secured a trial for an innovative solution that enables operators to provide profitable telecommunication coverage in rural India.


We are the overseas distributor of track and OHE condition monitoring solutions manufactured by Latronix, Sweden.

Latronix focuses on the development of optical measurement systems based on high resolution sensors and laser technology. Developing customized measuring systems for rail applications. OWLS Track Geometry measures railroad tracks with lasers, high resolution optical sensors and state of the art inertial components – accelerometers and gyroscopes.

OWLS Track Geometry helps plan maintenance of railway infrastructure and prevent traffic disruptions, speed reductions, broken rails and derailments by monitoring track quality:

  • Horizontal rail alignment / Alignment
  • Vertical rail alignment / Longitudinal level
  • Rail gauge
  • Cant / Cross-level
  • Twist
  • Washaways or broken rails are detected by inertial components at passage
  • Processing of data undertaken on train. Visualisation of track geometry parameters and alarms generated in real-time, on-board train
  • Built-in industrial PC controlled by operator on board train or remote controlled
  • Automatic transfer of measured data and automatically created pdf via GSM, internet or any other data transfer interface suitable after completed measurement, to cloud storage solution
  • Data in .csv format available for more detailed analysis in back end wayside tools of choice